HSE Fair Deal Scheme Valuations

The reality of today is that more and more elderly people are having to avail of nursing homes. However the government is helping with this and introduced a scheme via the HSE called the Fair Deal Scheme Valuation. Once you have had a Care needs assessment completed you must submit a Financial Assessment for the nursing home fair deal scheme. This is to enable them to work out what entitlement you will receive. This includes having a valuation carried out on your property assets whether it is your home property, a piece of land and/or an investment property which you own.

So if you are considering applying for the HSE’s Nursing Home Support Scheme, you need a qualified valuer such as FH Estates to complete the valuation, as your application is based on the value of your property. Here at FH Estates we keep the intrusion down to a minimum and can complete the valuation within 24 hours.

Our Fair Deal Valuation Services

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Nursing Home Scheme Valuation